Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hundley Wins 3 Event Titles as USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals Conclude

The 2014 USA Gymnastics Women's Collegiate National Championships has come to a close at Brown University's Pizzitola Sports Center this afternoon. Seattle Pacific University Sophomore Maria Hundley had a wonderful day finishing first on Vault and Balance Beam and sharing the Uneven Bars title in a three way tie between herself, U.S. Air Force Academy Senior Linnaea Hance and Texas Woman's University Senior Brittainy Johnson. Lindenwood University Sophomore Rachel Zabawa finished tied for second on Vault with Texas Woman's University Senior Bethany Larimer, whilst on the Balance Beam Temple University Sophomore Reagan Oliveri finished in second with Lindenwood Sophomore Valeri Ingui and University of Bridgeport Freshman Brianna Comport tying for third. The Floor Exercise title was shared between Seattle Pacific Senior Kai Tindall, Texas Woman's University Junior Spencer Jones and Bridgeport's Senior Melissa Doucette and Junior Caitlin Perry.

  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.8500
  2. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood); Bethany Larimer (Texas Woman's) 9.8125

  3. Melissa Doucette (Bridgeport); Brittainy Johnson (Texas Woman's) 9.7750

  4. Jessica Wallander (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.7625
  5. Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport) 9.7125
  6. Alicia Bair (Cornell) 9.6875 
  7. Lauren Capone (Temple) 9.3250
  8. Kim Stewart (Bridgeport) 9.1000
  9. Rebecca Freedman (Brown) 9.0875
  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific); Brittainy Johnson (Texas Woman's); Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.8500

  2. Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport); Emily Turik (Lindenwood) 9.8250

  3. Courtney Heise (Lindenwood); Melanie Jorgensen (Cornell) 9.8000

  4. Christine Liautaud (Bridgeport) 9.7500
  5. Lexi Schupp (Cornell); Amber Hill (Bridgeport) 9.7000

  6. Katie Simpson (Texas Woman's) 9.6750
  7. Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.5750
  8. Alexandra Chretien (Brown) 9.1250
  9. Robyn Price (Centenary) 9.1000
  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.8500
  2. Reagan Oliveri (Temple) 9.8000
  3. Brianna Comport (Bridgeport); Valeri Ingui (Lindenwood) 9.7750

  4. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.7000
  5. Jessica Hanner (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.6000
  6. Spencer Jones (Texas Woman's) 9.3000
  7. Ali Ables (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.2500
  8. Rotem Porat (Southern Connecticut State) 9.1500
  9. Kristi Hayashida (Seattle Pacific) 9.0500
  10. Caroline Morant (Brown) 8.4250
  1. Caitlin Perry (Bridgeport); Melissa Doucette (Bridgeport); Kai Tindall (Seattle Pacific); Spencer Jones (Texas Woman's) 9.8750

  2. Amy Winczura (Texas Woman's) 9.8250
  3. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood); Brianna Ecklof (Southern Connecticut State) 9.8000

  4. Michelle Shnayder (Brown); Lissette LaFex (Bridgeport) 9.7750

  5. Lexi Schupp (Cornell) 9.7500
  6. Caroline Morant (Brown) 9.6250
  7. Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.6000
  8. Ajiea Hargrave (Lindenwood) 9.2250

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bridgeport Wins 6th Consecutive USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals Team Title

The University of Bridgeport won their sixth consecutive USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships Team title this evening at the Pizzitola Sports Center on the campus of Brown University. The team did it in style recording a season-high team total on the way to dominating over Texas Woman's University and Seattle Pacific University who finished in second and third respectively. Top scorers on each event in the team final were Texas Woman's University Seniors Bethany Larimer and Courtney Cochefski on the Vault and Uneven Bars respectively; U.S. Air Force Academy Senior Linnaea Hance on the Balance Beam and Bridgeport Junior Caitlin Perry on the Floor Exercise. Well done to all!

  1. University of Bridgeport (48.800, 49.200, 48.150, 49.075) 195.225
  2. Texas Woman's University (49.000, 49.175, 47.550, 49.000) 194.725
  3. Seattle Pacific University (48.725, 49.225, 47.675, 48.925) 194.550
  4. U.S. Air Force Academy (48.650, 49.300, 47.475, 48.925) 194.350

Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships

The 2014 USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships will be hosted by Brown University in the Pizzitola Sports Center from the 11th to the 13th of April in Providence, Rhode Island. The University of Bridgeport will be hoping to capture their sixth consecutive Team title.

The University of Pennsylvania will only be sending 7 of their 10 qualifiers. Makeda Constable (Bars), Carissa Lim (Floor) and Diana Moock (Bars) will not compete.

    • STARTING ON VAULT: University of Bridgeport/Robyn Price (Centenary College) ALL AROUND QUALIFIER/Kellie Slater (Centenary College) VAULT QUALIFIER/Gabriella Hude (Southern Connecticut State University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Megan Desjardins (Centenary College) BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Sylvia Keiter (Centenary College) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON UNEVEN BARS: Cornell University/Amber Woo (University of Pennsylvania) VAULT, UNEVEN BARS AND BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Emily Paterson (University of Pennsylvania) VAULT QUALIFIER/Ashley O'Connor (Yale University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Amber Hu (University of Pennsylvania) BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Chelcie Rosborough (Southern Connecticut State University) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Brianna Ecklof (Southern Connecticut State University) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON BALANCE BEAM: Lindenwood University/Meghan Cole (Southern Connecticut State University) VAULT AND BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Jenny Kaufman (Southern Connecticut State University) VAULT AND FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Jennifer Rochefort (Southern Connecticut State University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Rotem Porat (Southern Connecticut State University) BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Stephanie Plaugher (West Chester University) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON FLOOR EXERCISE: U.S. Air Force Academy/Majesta Valentine (West Chester University) ALL AROUND QUALIFIER/Selena Swanger (West Chester University) VAULT QUALIFIER/Emily Seigel (West Chester University) UNEVEN BARS AND BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Jordan Anderson (Centenary College) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON VAULT: Temple University/Nicole Pruchnik (Southern Connecticut State University) VAULT, BALANCE BEAM AND FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Samantha Menichini (Southern Connecticut State University) VAULT AND FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Rachel de la Torre (Southern Connecticut State University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Meghan Brannon (West Chester University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Lindsay Knapp (West Chester University) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER 
    • STARTING ON UNEVEN BARS: Seattle Pacific University/Stephanie Strickler (Centenary College) ALL AROUND QUALIFIER/Wynne Levy (University of Pennsylvania) VAULT QUALIFIER/Kelly Tan (University of Pennsylvania) UNEVEN BARS AND BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER/Nicki Valenti (University of Pennsylvania) FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON BALANCE BEAM: Brown University/Joyce Li (Yale University) ALL AROUND QUALIFIER/Rachel Graham (University of Pennsylvania) VAULT AND FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Brianna Chrisman (Yale University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Tawnee Hadd (Centenary College) BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER
    • STARTING ON FLOOR EXERCISE: Texas Woman's University/Morgan Traina (Yale University) ALL AROUND QUALIFIER/Camilla Opperman (Yale University) VAULT AND FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER/Nicole Tay (Yale University) UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER/Brittney Sooksengdao (Yale University) BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Field for 2014 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships

The 2014 National Collegiate Women's Gymnastics Championships will be held on the 18th to the 20th of April at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. The first day of competition will be on the 18th of April and will see two Semifinals contested. Semifinal I begins at 1.00pm CT with Semifinal II getting underway at 7.00pm CT. The top three teams from each Semifinal move onto the Super Six Team Final which begins at 6.00pm CT on the 19th. Individual Event Finals will be contested on the 20th of April with competition commencing at 2.00pm CT.

  • STARTING ON VAULT: University of Georgia/Moriah Martin (Denver University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Dallas Crawford (University of California-Berkeley/UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER); Audrey Harrison (University of Kentucky/BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING WITH A BYE: University of Illinois-Champaign/Lindsay Mable (University of Minnesota/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Hanna Nordquist (University of Minnesota/BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON UNEVEN BARS: University of Michigan/Chelsea Tang (Oregon State University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON BALANCE BEAM: University of Oklahoma/Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING WITH A BYE: Louisiana State University/Kalliah McCartney (California State University-Sacramento/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON FLOOR EXERCISE: Stanford University/Alicia Asturias (University of California-Berkeley/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Kaytianna McMillan (BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON VAULT: University of Florida/Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Kelsey Morris (Boise State University/UNEVEN BARS QUALIFIER)/Halle Moraw (Central Michigan University/BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING WITH A BYE: University of Alabama/Caitlin Brown (Iowa State University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Emily Heinz (Central Michigan University/BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON UNEVEN BARS: University of Utah/Katherine Grable (University of Arkansas/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/
  • STARTING ON BALANCE BEAM: University of California-Los Angeles/Marie Case (Kent State University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Ciera Perkins (Boise State University/FLOOR EXERCISE QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING WITH A BYE: Penn State University/Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia University/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)
  • STARTING ON FLOOR EXERCISE: University of Nebraska/Amanda Wellick (University of Arkansas/ALL AROUND QUALIFIER)/Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan University/BALANCE BEAM QUALIFIER)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ernst to Replace Biles at Pac Rim Champs

Simone Biles of World Champions Centre has withdrawn from the upcoming Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships after re-aggravating a right shoulder injury. She is being replaced in the Pacific Rim line up by Peyton Ernst of Texas Dreams Gymnastics.

From USA Gymnastics:
“Simone was ready to compete, but her shoulder started bothering her again during training so she is withdrawing as a precaution,” said Martha Karolyi, U.S. women’s team national coordinator.  “We want to be careful given the upcoming schedule for 2014 because Simone is an important part of the team.”

2014 Athens Regional Results

The University of Michigan won the 2014 Athens Regional to book their ticket to the 2014 NCAA National Championships. The University of Georgia who finished second yesterday also advances. Rutgers University Senior Alexis Gunzelman and West Virginia University Senior Hope Sloanhoffer advance to compete in the All Around at Nationals after tying for second at the Regional Championships. Gunzelman becomes only the 2nd Rutgers gymnast to qualify for Nationals (Courtney Turner did it back in 2002), whilst Sloanhoffer becomes the 18th Individual in WVU's program history to qualify to Nationals - and is the first since Meghan Morris qualified in the All Around back in 2009. Central Michigan University's Juniors Halle Moraw and Taylor Noonan and Senior Emily Heinz finished tied for first on the Balance Beam to advance to compete on the event at Nationals.

Georgia Senior Lindsey Cheek earned the Regional title on the Vault and tied with Sophomore team mate Brittany Rogers for the Uneven Bars title. University of Michigan Freshman Nicole Artz won the Regional All Around title with Senior Joanna Sampson winning the Floor Exercise title. The Balance Beam honors were shared by Moraw, Noonan, Heinz, Sloanhoffer, Artz and Georgia Freshman Morgan Reynolds.

  1. University of Michigan (49.200, 49.275, 48.700, 49.575) 196.750
  2. University of Georgia (49.425, 49.600, 48.475, 48.875) 196.375
  3. Central Michigan University (48.575, 48.800, 49.000, 49.225) 195.600
  4. Ohio State University (48.900, 48.975, 48.225, 49.000) 195.100
  5. North Carolina State University (48.850, 48.150, 48.425, 49.125) 194.550
  6. Rutgers University (48.800, 47.850, 48.325, 48.775) 193.750
  1. Nicole Artz (Michigan) (9.700, 9.850, 9.850, 9.925) 39.325
  2. Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) (9.800, 9.800, 9.775, 9.800); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) (9.750, 9.775, 9.850, 9.800) 39.175

  3. Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) (9.750, 9.775, 9.750, 9.875) 39.150
  4. Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) (9.775, 9.800, 9.625, 9.800); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) (9.850, 9.800, 9.500, 9.850) 39.000

  5. Nicolette Swoboda (West Virginia) (9.775, 9.750, 9.700, 9.750) 38.975
  6. Victoria Aepli (Ohio State) (9.600, 9.800, 9.750, 9.725) 38.875
  7. Brittany Stover (William & Mary) (9.700, 9.725, 9.650, 9.625) 38.700
  8. Becca Druien (Central Michigan) (9.650, 9.525, 9.700, 9.775) 38.650
  9. Joanna Sampson (Michigan) (9.850, 9.225, 9.600, 9.950) 38.625
  10. Tenille Funches (Ohio State) (9.800, 9.750, 9.300, 9.675) 38.525
  11. Haley Watts (North Carolina) (9.750, 9.775, 8.875, 9.750) 38.150
  12. Kayla Carto (George Washington) (9.675, 9.650, 9.400, 9.225) 37.950
  1. Lindsey Cheek (Georgia) 9.950
  2. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Natalie Beilstein (Michigan) 9.900

  3. Chelsea Davis (Georgia); Cat Hires (Georgia) 9.875

  4. Talia Chiarelli (Michigan); Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.850

  5. Morgan Reynolds (Georgia); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.825

  6. Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Jaine' Van Putten (Ohio State); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Luisa Leal (Rutgers) 9.800

  7. Lauren Johnson (Georgia); Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Sara Skammer (Rutgers); Nicolette Swoboda (West Virginia) 9.775

  8. Halle Moraw (Central Michigan); Reema Zakharia (Michigan); Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Haley Watts (North Carolina); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.750

  9. Emily Heinz (Central Michigan); Brittany Petzold (Central Michigan); Kirstin Stambaugh (Central Michigan); Sarah Grady (Ohio State); Nicolette Wilson (Rutgers) 9.725

  10. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Courtney Leighton (North Carolina State); Claire Jones (Rutgers); Alyssa Straub (Rutgers); Brittany Stover (William & Mary) 9.700

  11. Kayla Carto (George Washington) 9.675
  12. Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 9.650
  13. Kirsten Petzold (Central Michigan) 9.625
  14. Victoria Aepli (Ohio State) 9.600
  15. Chelsea Raineri (George Washington) 9.225
  16. Naomi DeVries (North Carolina State) 9.000
  1. Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Lindsey Cheek (Georgia) 9.950

  2. Kiera Brown (Georgia); Cat Hires (Georgia); Brandie Jay (Georgia); Natalie Beilstein (Michigan) 9.900

  3. Shelby Gies (Michigan) 9.875
  4. Karlee Teet (Central Michigan); Nicole Artz (Michigan); Lindsay Williams (Michigan); Alexa Goldberg (West Virginia) 9.850

  5. Kylie Fagan (Central Michigan) 9.825
  6. Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Maggie Dunn (Ohio State); Sarah Grady (Ohio State); Samantha Kent (Ohio State); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Luisa Leal (Rutgers) 9.800

  7. Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Haley Watts (North Carolina); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.775

  8. Tenille Funches (Ohio State); Anastasia Halbig (Rutgers); Nicolette Swoboda (West Virginia) 9.750

  9. Brittany Stover (William & Mary) 9.725
  10. Heidi Ffield (North Carolina State) 9.675
  11. Kayla Carto (George Washington) 9.650
  12. Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 9.525
  13. Charly Santagado (Rutgers) 9.300
  14. Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 9.225
  15. Chelsea Davis (Georgia); Emma Hoffman (Rutgers) 9.200

  16. Brittany Petzold (Central Michigan) 9.150
  17. Courtney Turner (North Carolina State) 9.100
  18. Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.075
  19. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 8.900
  1. Morgan Reynolds (Georgia); Halle Moraw (Central Michigan); Emily Heinz (Central Michigan); Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan); Nicole Artz (Michigan); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.850

  2. Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia) 9.825
  3. Lane Jarred (North Carolina State) 9.800
  4. Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Kiera Brown (Georgia); Talia Chiarelli (Michigan); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Beth Deal (West Virginia) 9.775

  5. Kylie Fagan (Central Michigan); Lindsay Williams (Michigan); Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 9.750

  6. Briley Casanova (Michigan); Anastasia Halbig (Rutgers) 9.725

  7. Becca Druien (Central Michigan); Nicolette Swoboda (West Virginia) 9.700

  8. Sarah Grady (Ohio State) 9.675
  9. Alyssa Straub (Rutgers); Brittany Stover (William & Mary) 9.650

  10. Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.625

  11. Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Jenna Williams (Rutgers) 9.600

  12. Claudia Salinas (Rutgers) 9.575
  13. Shelby Gies (Michigan); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.550

  14. Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Maggie Dunn (Ohio State) 9.500

  15. Kayla Carto (George Washington) 9.400
  16. Tenille Funches (Ohio State) 9.300
  17. Lindsey Cheek (Georgia) 9.250
  18. Kaylan Earls (Georgia) 9.225
  19. Preslee Harrald (Central Michigan) 9.100
  20. Claire Jones (Rutgers) 9.025
  21. Haley Watts (North Carolina) 8.875
  1. Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 9.950
  2. Nicole Artz (Michigan) 9.925
  3. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Halle Moraw (Central Michigan); Natalie Beilstein (Michigan); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Reema Zakharia (Michigan) 9.900

  4. Kaylan Earls (Georgia); Emily Heinz (Central Michigan); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 9.875

  5. Preslee Harrald (Central Michigan); Talia Chiarelli (Michigan); Lane Jarred (North Carolina State); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State); Alex DeLuca (Ohio State); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.850

  6. Morgan Reynolds (Georgia); Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Aubrey Hine (North Carolina State) 9.825

  7. Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State); Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers); Charly Santagado (Rutgers); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.800

  8. Becca Druien (Central Michigan); Brittany Petzold (Central Michigan); Claire Jones (Rutgers) 9.775

  9. Nicolette Swoboda (West Virginia); Haley Watts (North Carolina) 9.750

  10. Victoria Aepli (Ohio State) 9.725
  11. Maggie Dunn (Ohio State); Sara Skammer (Rutgers); Danielle Verdon (Rutgers) 9.700

  12. Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State); Tenille Funches (Ohio State) 9.675

  13. Chelsea Raineri (George Washington) 9.650
  14. Brittany Stover (William & Mary) 9.625
  15. Cat Hires (Georgia); Katie Stebick (Rutgers) 9.475

  16. Kayla Carto (George Washington) 9.225
  17. Sarah Persinger (Georgia) 9.175

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 Minneapolis Regional Results

The University of Oklahoma won the 2014 Minneapolis Regional with the University of Illinois-Champaign finishing second. Both teams now advance to the 2014 NCAA National Championships. Qualifying to compete in the All Around at Nationals are University of Minnesota Sophomore Lindsay Mable who won the Regional All Around title and the University of California-Berkeley's Senior Alicia Asturias (who finished 3rd in the All Around). Minnesota Sophomore Hanna Nordquist has qualified to compete on the Balance Beam, whilst the University of California's Senior Dallas Crawford has qualified on the Uneven Bars.

Oklahoma Sophomore Maile'ana Kanewa took out the Regional honors on the Vault. Whilst Mable took out the Floor Exercise title and shared in the Balance Beam title with Oklahoma Freshman Chayse Capps, Nordquist, and Illinois-Champaign Senior Sarah Fiedler. Crawford tied with Illinois-Champaign Junior Sunny Kato for the Uneven Bars title. 

  1. University of Oklahoma (49.700, 49.175, 49.400, 49.450) 197.725
  2. University of Illinois-Champaign (49.025, 49.400, 49.150, 49.025) 196.600
  3. University of Minnesota (49.225, 48.700, 49.125, 49.300) 196.350
  4. University of California-Berkeley (49.125, 49.200, 48.450, 48.825) 195.600
  5. Southern Utah University (49.175, 48.650, 48.875, 48.450) 195.150
  6. San Jose State University (48.475, 48.400, 48.200, 48.125) 193.950
  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) (9.850, 9.700, 9.900, 9.950) 39.400
  2. Giana O'Connor (Illinois-Champaign) (9.750, 9.850, 9.850, 9.825) 39.275
  3. Alicia Asturias (California-Berkeley) (9.900, 9.850, 9.775, 9.675) 39.200
  4. Charlie Owens (California-Berkeley) (9.800, 9.750, 9.750, 9.800) 39.100
  5. Alie Glover (Iowa) (9.725, 9.675, 9.875, 9.800) 39.075
  6. Jessica Howe (California-Berkeley) (9.750, 9.825, 9.675, 9.800) 39.050
  7. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah) (9.725, 9.800, 9.800, 9.700); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah) (9.800, 9.750, 9.675, 9.800) 39.025

  8. Cami Guyer (San Jose State) (9.775, 9.700, 9.700, 9.725) 38.900
  9. Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) (9.625, 9.750, 9.550, 9.775) 38.700
  10. Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State) (9.725, 9.625, 9.000, 9.850) 38.200
  11. Rebekah Gher (San Jose State) (8.900, 9.725, 9.775, 9.750) 38.150
  12. Angel Metcalf (Iowa) (9.650, 9.800, 9.725, 8.950) 38.125
  13. Katie Fiorilli (UW-Whitewater) (9.800, 8.775, 9.625, 8.900) 37.100
  14. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) (9.675, 9.300, 9.175, 8.850) 37.000
  1. Maile'ana Kanewa (Oklahoma) 9.975
  2. Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma) 9.950

  3. Chayse Capps (Oklahoma) 9.925
  4. Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Kara Lovan (Oklahoma); Madison Mooring (Oklahoma); Alicia Asturias (California-Berkeley); Amber See (Illinois-Champaign) 9.900

  5. Virginia Brownsell (Southern Utah); Stacie Webb (Southern Utah) 9.875

  6. Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Serena Leong (California-Berkeley); Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign) 9.850

  7. Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Dallas Crawford (California-Berkeley); Jordyn Doherty (Iowa) 9.825

  8. Kylie Schermann (Minnesota); Brittney Jensen (Southern Utah); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Charlie Owens (California-Berkeley); Mary Jane Horth (Illinois-Champaign); Katie Fiorilli (UW-Whitewater) 9.800

  9. Cami Guyer (San Jose State) 9.775
  10. Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Kristina Heymann (California-Berkeley); Jessica Howe (California-Berkeley); Giana O'Connor (Illinois-Champaign) 9.750

  11. Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Emily Lennon (Illinois-Champaign); Alie Glover 9.725

  12. Kiana Gordon (San Jose State) 9.700
  13. Julia Greer (San Jose State); Heather Foley (Illinois-Champaign); Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.675

  14. Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 9.650
  15. Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.625
  16. Alyssa Montalban (San Jose State) 9.600
  17. Rebekah Gher (San Jose State) 8.900
  1. Dallas Crawford (California-Berkeley); Sunny Kato (Illinois-Champaign) 9.925

  2. Mary Jane Horth (Illinois-Champaign) 9.900
  3. Cierra Tomson (Minnesota); Elizabeth McNabb (Illinois-Champaign) 9.875

  4. Rebecca Clark (Oklahoma); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Taylor Spears (Oklahoma); Leilani Alferos (California-Berkeley); Alicia Asturias (California-Berkeley); Jordan Naleway (Illinois-Champaign); Giana O'Connor (Illinois-Champaign) 9.850

  5. McKenzie Wofford (Oklahoma); Jessica Howe (California-Berkeley) 9.825

  6. Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois-Champaign); Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 9.800

  7. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Charlie Owens (California-Berkeley); Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.750

  8. Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Madie Hanley (Minnesota); Rebekah Gher (San Jose State); Rochelle Bernier (Southern Utah) 9.725

  9. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Cami Guyer (San Jose State); Marissa Unpingco (San Jose State) 9.700

  10. Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.675

  11. Rachel Heinl (San Jose State) 9.650
  12. Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State); Alyssa Click (Southern Utah); Katie Hawthorne (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.625

  13. Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma) 9.550
  14. Alyssa Kaschak (San Jose State); Emily Richardson (California-Berkeley) 9.525

  15. Jamie Armijo (Southern Utah) 9.350
  16. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.300
  17. Bailie Holst (Minnesota) 9.125
  18. Katie Fiorilli (UW-Whitewater) 8.775
  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Hanna Nordquist (Minnesota); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois-Champaign) 9.900

  2. Erica Brewer (Oklahoma); Rebecca Clark (Oklahoma); Kara Lovan (Oklahoma); Taylor Spears (Oklahoma); Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.875

  3. Madison Mooring (Oklahoma); Giana O'Connor (Illinois-Champaign) 9.850

  4. Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Alyssa Click (Southern Utah); Ana Jaworski (Southern Utah); Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah); Mary Jane Horth (Illinois-Champaign); Elizabeth McNabb (Illinois-Champaign); Amber See (Illinois-Champaign) 9.800

  5. Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Kylie Schermann (Minnesota); Cierra Tomson (Minnesota); Rebekah Gher (San Jose State); Alicia Asturias (California-Berkeley) 9.775

  6. Dusti Russell (Minnesota); Charlie Owens (California-Berkeley) 9.750

  7. Desiree Palomares (California-Berkeley); Sunny Kato (Illinois-Champaign); Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 9.725

  8. Cami Guyer (San Jose State) 9.700
  9. Alyssa Kaschak (San Jose State); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Jessica Howe (California-Berkeley) 9.675

  10. Marissa Unpingco (San Jose State) 9.650
  11. Crystal Paz (California-Berkeley); Katie Fiorilli (UW-Whitewater) 9.625

  12. Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.550
  13. Julia Greer (San Jose State) 9.400
  14. Shannen Kelly (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.200
  15. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.175
  16. Serena Leong (California-Berkeley) 9.125
  17. Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah) 9.000

  1. Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 9.950
  2. Maile'ana Kanewa (Oklahoma) 9.925
  3. Lara Albright (Oklahoma); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Amber See (Illinois-Champaign) 9.900

  4. Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Kara Lovan (Oklahoma) 9.875

  5. Cierra Tomson (Minnesota); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Julia Greer (San Jose State); Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State) 9.850

  6. Justine Cherwink (Minnesota); Erin Buchanan (Illinois-Champaign); Giana O'Connor (Illinois-Champaign) 9.825

  7. Kylie Schermann (Minnesota); Taylor Spears (Oklahoma); Brittney Jensen (Southern Utah); Memory Shettles (Southern Utah); Jessica Howe (California-Berkeley); Charlie Owens (California-Berkeley); Crystal Paz (California-Berkeley); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.800

  8. Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.775
  9. Rebekah Gher (San Jose State); Serena Leong (California-Berkeley); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois-Champaign) 9.750

  10. Cami Guyer (San Jose State); Kelsi Eberly (Illinois-Champaign) 9.725

  11. Kiley Field (San Jose State); Tyly Bozzuto (Southern Utah); Jordan Naleway (Illinois-Champaign) 9.700

  12. Alicia Asturias (California-Berkeley) 9.675
  13. Ana Jaworski (Southern Utah) 9.650
  14. Natalie Trejo (Southern Utah) 9.500
  15. Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 9.425
  16. Zoe Draghi (California-Berkeley) 9.250
  17. Alyssa Montalban (San Jose State) 9.100
  18. Carly Sigler (Southern Utah) 9.000
  19. Angel Metcalf (Iowa) 8.950
  20. Katie Fiorilli (UW-Whitewater) 8.900
  21. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy) 8.850